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Targeted Case Management

MTS Health Services offers Targeted Case Management to help children and their families through family challenges and crisis. Our targeted case managers work with dependency case managers to determine the needs of a child or family that are outside the scope of dependency case management. Our targeted case managers advocate for the needs of our youth living at home, in the community or in residential programs.

Targeted Case Management is a strengths-based service that is meant to support and supplement dependency case management. It is designed to enhance the child’s functioning within the home, school and community. Our targeted case managers work closely with the child, their family and the child’s dependency case manager.

Targeted case managers meet with the child and family at least one to two times a month to assess the child’s needs and strengths, advocate for the child, link the child to appropriate services and monitor those services to determine any further needs. Our targeted case managers also are instrumental in supporting the adolescent through the transition to adult services when the time comes, or work with children who need prescribed psychotropic medications.

Who qualifies to receive this service?

Kids and teens with a mental health diagnosis who need coordinated mental health services. Many times, kids in this program have experienced difficulties at home, school or in the community, and/or suffered abuse.

How do you help my family?

Our goal is to help kids with behavioral and emotional challenges stay safely in their own homes and schools (when appropriate).

When you begin services (called Targeted Case Management), your family will have a dedicated case manager who helps you work through family challenges and crises, connects you with other local resources, and navigates complex systems to get your child additional services he or she needs.

Some of the many ways we can help your family:

  • Work with you to assess your child’s needs
  • Create a personalized plan to help your family work through challenges and reach goals
  • Advocate for your child’s mental health needs
  • Connect you with more in-depth services such as:
    • Individual, family and/or group counseling
    • Behavior analysis
    • Psychological or psychiatric evaluations
    • Medication monitoring
    • Mentoring

Where do you meet with my child?

We can visit your child at home, school, day care or any other appropriate location that’s convenient for your family.

How can my family begin receiving services?

Call us to see if your child qualifies for the service. Educators, counselors and other professionals can also recommend children who may benefit from this program.

When you call the office in your community, ask to speak with Targeted Case Management.

Administrative Office

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Tampa Office

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Caladium Learning Center/Titusville Office

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The Caladium Learning Center/Orlando Office

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Phone: 321-362-5760

MTS Health Services specializes in providing in home and community-based behavior analysis and mental health services throughout central Florida.

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