Operational Excellence

MTS Health Services is committed to operational excellence. We strongly believe that patient records should tell a detailed and consistent story from beginning to end. That’s why MTS Health Services is leading the way in raising the standard of regulatory compliance in Central Florida.

Our confidence in our documentation comes from our commitment to detail, our tireless staff training, and the many layers of compliance we have painstakingly built into our day-to- day operations. Ensuring that our documentation supports the services our clients are getting also guarantees a continuum of care should a client need services in addition to what MTS Health Services is providing.

Raising the Standard

We have instituted treatment team meetings and peer audits. These are done on a regular basis at each level of care and allow therapist to review a co-worker’s case file. This allows them to learn from what their peers are doing well and to point out examples of what can be improved. We treat these as teachable moments – not punitive – so staff members are not reluctant to point out areas that need improving.

Quality assurance specialist and program coordinators audit 100 percent of treatment plans, assessments and progress notes. They look to ensure that appropriate goals have been set, that the focus is appropriate, the client’s needs have been addressed, and there is a well-documented plan for the client’s success. If those criteria are not met, the service plans and assessments are sent back for correction.

We make random verification calls to families to monitor their satisfaction and to assure that the client is receiving the in-home services that have been documented in the progress notes.

Each month, our compliance officer audits a random sample of claims from each department. They review progress notes and goals and objectives of the treatment plan.

These are just some of the many steps we take to be the industry leader in compliance. Compliance goes hand in hand with client care. We have excellent field staff providing phenomenal services to our clients. But we have to prove that we are delivering outstanding services in order to continue providing them.

Report Concerns

MTS Health Services has established has established a hotline and dedicated email address to receive reports of any concerns pertaining to the quality of the services rendered or any concerns with billing activity. All attempts will be made to address the issue to the individual’s satisfaction. Your report can be made directly to the Compliance department of MTS Health Services at: (866) 532-3721 | report@mtshealthservices.com

MTS Health Services specializes in providing in home and community-based behavior analysis and mental health services throughout central Florida.

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